When should I add an investor to DealMaker? For example, can I upload my entire mailing list to DealMaker?

The main consideration for issuers in determining when to add investors to DealMaker is where these investors are within your sales pipeline. 

If you are doing your preliminary sales efforts digitally, such as with a retail offering, you can use your portal’s own ‘magic link’ within a website, dataroom or offering deck that explains the benefits of your offering.

If you are engaging in targeted sales efforts through an email campaign, the magic link can be placed into communications from the company to your mailing list, and give your potential investors not only access, but choice to subscribe once their decision to invest is made.

Inviting an entire mailing list without context of the offering or any sales activities does not generally result in a beneficial conversion rate, as it does not favour developing strong relationships with potential investors, and the reminders can frustrate individuals who may not be expecting an invite to invest in your offering or do not yet have enough information on the offering to determine if they wish to make an investment.  

By using a magic link within your mailing lists, you can customize the link to identify different groups of investors that have gained access through their specified link as well as using webhooks to automatically remove people from the email campaign once they have followed the link. 

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