How To Invite Investors

There are 3 methods available for adding and inviting your investors to the deal.

  • The Portal

The portal allows you to add investor’s one at a time. This method works well when you’re adding investors individually, or have a small investor list, and when you want to have maximum control over setting up the investor’s experience before sending their invitation.  For example, if you want to set an allocation for the investor or pre-populate their responses, adding them through the investor dashboard will allow you to do so.

  • Invitation Links -  the “magic link”

Using the DealMaker “magic link” allows you to easily invite investors to add themselves to the offering.  When an investor clicks on the link, they will instantly be taken to a landing page where they can start their questionnaire. 

The magic link does not allow you to set allocations on an individual basis, but it does allow you to set one standard allocation for all investors, deal minimums and deal maximums.

The magic link can be added to your investor deck, website or an instagram handle.  Our users also text it, tweet it or embed it in their “invest now” buttons. It can also be associated with a QR code. 

  • Bulk Upload

If you have a large investor list (over 40) that you would like to invite to your deal, you may consider using our bulk upload service. 

To use our service, please populate your list in our bulk upload template. Once you have the investor upload template complete you can provide it to your customer success manager who can add your investors in draft, or invited state.

Note that you can pre-populate any number of questions for your investors, so many of our enterprise users will export data from their own systems to assist investors in completing their documentation.

Please reach out to a DealMaker team member for the bulk upload template and pricing.