Can the transactional fee for a particular investor be waived on a deal?

When a company decides to set a transactional fee on digital payments, this fee is applied to all investors who meet the criteria (for example, all investments under $3,000, configurable by the company) without exception. (Partial refunds are not supported and so, if the company would like to waive the fee for a specific investor, one option is to re-allocate the fee to the investment, after funds are received.  

For example, If an investor purchases 200 common shares at $10 a share, and incurs a $30 fee, the company can, once funds have been received, update the investor’s allocation to 203 common shares and create a nominal transaction (crediting $30 with $0 bookkeeping amount) to mark the investor as fully funded, effectively waiving the fee.
Do note, that some share prices may not allow for an exact match to the transaction fee and so the appropriate way forward would be to match as close to, without going above the amount associated with the transaction fee.

Please speak with your account manager on how best to integrate this and ensure your legal counsel signs off on any such transaction.