Starter Subscription Agreements

After closing hundreds and hundreds of deals, DealMaker has put together starter subscription agreements for the most common deal types we see.  Starting with DealMaker templates will maximize speed and minimize cost in deal setup, while continuing to give you the flexibility of customization when you need it. Each template highlights the 'hard wired' information that you will provide in the deal checklist, making it quicker and easier to set up each unique deal you run.

- Canadian Private Placement Template (AI, FFBA, OM etc...)
- Canadian Fund Template (AI & OM)
- Reg A + Template
- Reg D 506c Template
- Reg CF Template
- US Fund Template


  1. Take this template to your counsel to review and supplement for your deal.
  2. Send DealMaker your customized deal terms and conditions.  
  3. With:

(1) your terms and conditions

(2) a complete checklist; and

(3) a paid deposit invoice.

We'll be ready to get you set up to start raising digitally!

Remember, these templates are best practice, but your counsel can advise on your deal in particular.  Proper disclosure is the obligation of the company.


Let's start raising!