Payments Lite

What DealMaker Provides:

  • Top of the market digital payment options.  No other platform allows you to quickly and easily collect payments digitally and match it to your investors in a streamlined way
  • Auto matching of online payments with subscription agreements  

How Does it Work?

  • Subscription agreements are created and signed by investors on the DealMaker platform
  • Investor payments are either:
    • Offline - wires and cheques to your bank account, matched by you and refunds processed by you to keep your costs minimized
    • Online - credit card and ACH payments processed electronically, refunds managed via DealMaker
  • DM Payments team matches subscription agreements with online payments automatically

What You’ll Be Doing:


  • You will work with your customer success representative to complete your online payments application and connect your bank account

What You Can Expect:


  • You are responsible for issuing refunds and managing chargebacks
  • You are responsible for reconciling offline payments that come to your own bank account to minimize costs
  • Reconciliation report available for additional fee
  • Online payments are automatically deposited into customer bank account within 3 business days of accepting investors. A holdback of 5% is held for 90 days