How do I set an investor’s allocation?

You may set an investor’s allocation in one of three ways. Individually, by magic link or through bulk upload.  Once an allocation is set, the investor cannot change the amount they are investing. 

    1. Individual Allocations: When you invite an investor to the deal and whilst they are in a draft status, you can head to their profile and click “Change” next to where it says Allocation. You can set either the security amount or monetary value.

    2. Magic Link: By providing your investors a magic link you can set a general allocation for all that will enter the portal through that link. By selecting “Add investor via link” and entering the number of shares you wish to allocate to those using this link, each will be assigned that amount.

    3. Bulk Upload: If you have decided to use the bulk upload feature. The .csv document provided by your account manager will have an Allocation column for each investor. You can pick and choose which investor is set an allocation and for what amount, these do not need to be the same.