Do I need an escrow agent for my deal?

Generally you do not need an escrow agent to hold or manage the release of funds, unless:

  • You are conducting a specific type of raise (e.g. Reg A+) with a deal minimum AND your disclosure specifies a registered escrow agent or registered trust company is managing the release of of funds; or
  • You are conducting a specific type of raise such as subscription receipt offering, that has milestones or conditions that need to be met, in order for funds to be released.

DealMaker does not typically manage release conditions for clients. If you do require these more involved escrow agent services, we would be happy to refer you to a partner. 

As DealMaker provides best-in-class document and fund processing, you can simply plug such a partner in as the escrow agent and end-point for investor funds.  Online payment methods such as credit card and ACH payments can still be processed through DealMaker, and when funds are released, they can be released to your escrow agents account under your escrow agent’s direction, if required.