Does DealMaker offer any customizations to the portal?

Yes, DealMaker will allow for you to have a totally self-serve experience by allowing you to upload your company logo to appear on the portal, create your own subdomain and change terminology within the portal. In addition, the automated invite and reminder emails can also include customized text to provide a more personalized rapport between company and investor. 

All of this is done within the confines of our technology parameters, but it is the most customizable system on the market.

In addition, your DealMaker landing page and reminder email content can be significantly customized for each investor; for example, you can add the name of your investor or their unique details by using variable fields such as “[investor_name]” or “[security_type]”. Utilize this feature by opening a square bracket and selecting the options presented within the drop down. 

You can find these features within ‘Advanced Settings’ located in the top right corner of the portal.