Automated Emails on DealMaker

Leveraging DealMaker for your capital raise not only ensures your investors have a clean and more efficient process to complete their subscription agreement, but also ensures companies do not need to manually follow up with investors to assist in this process.

DealMaker has identified key stages within the investor journey that can be benefitted by automated prompts to move investors through the funnel. The following automated emails can be found for any deal on DealMaker: 

  • Invitation to portal 
  • Complete questionnaire reminder
  • Allocation change
  • Request to re-sign
  • Payment method
  • Credit card payment confirmation
  • Credit card payment failure 
  • Fund status change
  • Agreement accepted

Additional automated emails are also set to assist on other specific types of deal, for example, those that require investor verification and those that require an opt in or opt out option (Reg CF).  As such, if you are using one of these deal types, additional automated emails will be activated when your deal goes live.