How to use your Account Manager

You will work with an Account Manager (“AM”) throughout your deal and beyond, to ensure you and your team are making the most out of DealMaker. You will have access to trainings and demonstrations to get up to speed and be guided towards DealMaker’s Knowledge Centre as a means to answer a wide range of questions. 

DealMaker wants to ensure you are in control of your own deal and strives to get you comfortable with all features found within the platform. Your AM will be able to train your legal team and other members involved with your deal. Your AM is not a replacement for a law firm, and although they are highly valuable and have great insights, they are not your lawyers. 

Alongside ensuring each user is comfortable using the platform, you are encouraged to utilise your AM to address situations not found in the Knowledge Centre, further discuss features found within the platform and plan the most efficient ways to engage investors