What fees or holdback percentages apply to payments through digital means?

The fees associated with the enablement of digital payments on your deal will automatically be deducted from the investment amounts once processed. The amount itself is visible in the detailed ‘Export table to Excel’ report, under the ‘Transactions’ tab. 

In order to ensure the risks associated with a chargeback are minimized, a five percent holdback will be set for a period of 90 days alongside the request to ensure 25% of the funds are not withdrawn from your account in the 90 days following their payout to you. This way, your payment processor account and operating account are prepared for a situation where a chargeback may arise and allows you to have the funds on hand for an instance where this may happen.

Lastly, it is worth noting that federal legislation provides investors with 60 days to recall their funds, most often due to an ‘error’. For more information on this regulation, please refer to the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations here. 

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