Special Situations Concierge Package

Certain transactions require additional resources in order to ensure deals run smoothly due to their complexity, which may be based on offering size, type or methodology, or level of international complexity.  DealMaker is happy to offer specialist high level resources, where required, to ensure that the issue is able to successfully achieve its goals using DealMaker.

Concierge services may include attendance and participation at deal planning meetings with the working group, and counsel, to advise on the best usage of the system, question flows, and deal setup. 

This may involve setting and communicating timelines regarding deal launch and payment deadlines; implementing an accredited investor verification workflow; dynamic re-allocation of orders, control of duplicate/multiple requests; tabulation of appetite for larger orders; transfer agent correspondence and digital solution management.

What is NOT included:

  • Legal advice.  The Issuer must have independent legal advice.
  • IR service.  The issuer must engage their own IR team to handle investor correspondence.
  • Any "deal sales" or solicitation activities.


If interested, please contact your DealMaker representative or email us at info@dealmaker.tech.