Pre-filling/editing an Investor's Responses (and Testing the Question Flow)

DealMaker enables you to both pre-fill an investors responses, and to edit an investor's already filled in responses. If an investor has already signed their agreement, you will need to first reset their signature or responses, before editing them. 

Pre-filling an investor's responses before they are invited.

If you would like to pre-fill some or all of an investor's responses before you send out their invitation, you can easily do so. After adding the investor, and while they are still in a draft state, you can easily fill in their responses by clicking on the 'edit responses' button on that investor's details page. You will be able to fill in their responses up to the point of signing and then, once you are ready to send out the invitation, you can do so by going back to the investor's detail page and inviting them to the deal.

To note - you can pre-fill some responses and then invite the investor. There is no need to pre-fill every response to the questionnaire.

Editing an investor's responses 

If an investor is not yet done answering all of the questions and would like your help with filling in the remaining questions, the process is the same as above. If, however, an investor has finished the question flow and signed their documents but you have found a deficiency, you can easily resolve this deficiency with DealMaker. After resetting their signature, click on the edit responses button. You will be brought to the investor's question overview page. Here, you can click on the response you would like to change, which will bring you to that question in the investor's question flow. You can then change the investor's response, and then go through the rest of the question flow. When the investor logs back in, they will be shown the same review page (with the changed response) and will be able to re-sign.

Testing the question flow with a test investor

You can also use the edit responses function to preview a question flow before a deal is published. To do this, go to the "Investors" tab near the top. Scroll down to the investor for whom you would like to preview the question flow and click on their name (often, there will be a test investor for this purpose). From the investor panel, click  on edit responses  to test out the question flow.