How do I upload agreements for offline investors?

We strongly encourage all investors to complete their subscriptions online.  Our proprietary question flow has helped individuals of all ages and levels of sophistication complete subscription agreements seamlessly and easily.  For a guide on the validity of digital signature, click here.

In addition, by completing the agreement online, the investors information will integrate with the entire investor table, making it much easier to see particular details of each investor and makes for a tidier export table for closing. 

If an investor has signed an agreement offline, many users will use that information to populate a digital subscription agreement for them, and send for signature.

If you prefer to keep their agreement offline, you can upload their documents to the portal for record keeping purposes. We do not recommend using this function for more than 10 offline investors, as the process will become cumbersome, and you will not be getting the full benefits of the software, which is provided for online investors.

Uploading an offline investor to the portal is a very straightforward and simple process. There are 3 key steps to follow.

Step 1

Go to the investors tab, then select “add an offline investor here”. You will be prompted to answer a few questions pertaining to the investors signed agreement, so that their information tracks with the deal totals. After you complete the short questionnaire you can select “save offline investor”.

Step 2

The investor will automatically be in a completed state on the portal. Now, in order to add their document to DealMaker, select their name from the investors tab, scroll to the bottom left of their investor profile and drag and drop their signed subscription agreement in the supporting documents section.  This will keep the document in your DealMaker portal, and will also share the document with them in their portal.

Step 3

You will now want to leave a note and a tag indicating that the signed subscription agreement is attached. Leaving a note and a tag is best practice because it will reflect on the investor tracking table. Any team member who logins to your portal and goes to the investors tab will be able to easily filter by offline investors. This allows you to easily track and manage your list of offline investors.

Please note offline investors will need to be countersigned by the issuer offline and will not be fully integrated with all online investor functionality.