Where can I find a detailed list of investors and/or a breakdown of each online payment made and whether it has been paid out?

Each investor that has successfully paid through a form of online payment will be marked as “funded” within the “Investor” tab, accessible by clicking their name on the progress table. 

To find a more detailed version of the table of investors found within the ‘Investor’ tab, you can download the investor table through the export function.  Within this table, you will have a dedicated tab for ‘Transactions’ here you will have a full breakdown of each investor transaction.  In addition, with DealMaker Payments Deluxe package, the credit card reconciliation excel provided to you on a weekly basis will provide detailed information on transactions. These two reports typically provide the details required for auditors when assisting with a raise. 

Proceeds of online payments are released to the company’s bank account following: the investor’s signing a subscription agreement, the funds processed, the investor being “reviewed” and the investor being “accepted” by the company.  

Note that online payments do not have to be in your operating account at the exact time of closing if they are currently in the process of being released from your online payment processor account, to your investment bank account. More details can be found here