An Overview of the Review Process on DealMaker

On DealMaker, before a funded investor can be accepted by the issuer, someone in the 'Reviewer' role (such as a broker-dealer) has to review that investor and enable them for acceptance (for a more detailed overview of closing on DealMaker, click here.)

This article aims to provide someone in the 'Reviewer' role with the ideal workflow for reviewing investors, resolving any possible deficiencies and, ultimately, enabling that investor acceptance. 

Whenever an investor signs their agreement, every reviewer will receive an email telling them that a new investor is ready for review. At this point, the reviewer can either click on the link in their email to be taken directly to that investor's overview page. In addition, a reviewer can always view all investors that are ready for review by filtering by 'Signed Investors' on the investors table:

Regardless of the method which which a reviewer access a specific investor for review, they will be presented with the following investor overview page:

Here, the reviewer can review the investor's agreement and supporting documents (if applicable). 

If the reviewer has found a deficiency with the investor (e.g. if there is a missing ID that should be uploaded, or if the investor has responded with inconsistent responses relating to their eligibility). The reviewer can indicate this deficiency on DealMaker by tagging the investor as 'Deficient', for example, and provide details through the use of the 'Notes' section, so that the company can reach out to the investor to resolve any such deficiency. For more information on this, please click here.

Once any deficiencies have been resolved and the reviewer is satisfied that the investor is ready to be accepted, they can do so by clicking on the large 'Enable Issuer Countersignature' button (for more information on this, please click here).


At this point, the company can countersign the investor (once the investor has funded their investment).